Mafia Pug By Dog Judo

Mafia Pug - Episode One

New York mobster pug Joey Gagglio lands on Rexley and Roy's doorstep to not threaten them in a very threatening way. Joey is played by Joey Pantoliano - Emmy Award winner as Ralph in The Sopranos, and star of The Matrix, The Goonies, Risky Business, La Bamba, Empire of the Sun, The Fugitive, Memento, Bad Boys and many more.

Many thanks to Roy at Dog Judo for letting us know about there work and for using there content.

Mafia Pug - Episode Two - Horses
Rexley tries to extort money from the mafia in a none too subtle way. Mr Gagglio may have to commit a 'moyder'.
Mafia Pug - Episode Three - Dishes
Roy learns some tough lessons about the mafia when he asks Joey Gagglio to do the dishes. "You see me as a bowl of cherries?"
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