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Hi I am new to Pugworld, I have just read Dave's story and this sounds similar to my story. I have a little Pug called Lola she has just celebrated her 2nd birthday and is one lucky Pug. Basically she has experienced problems like Dave heavy breathing/wheezing episodes that gradually got worse and at first I took her to my Vet where I work as a Vet Nurse, she had surgery on her soft palate twice but after no improvement, she was 6 months old at this point.

I then took her to Davies Vet Specialist in Hertfordshire where she saw a soft tissue specialist called Leah they took her in Sept 2008 and they did some tests and said she had a laryngeal collapse grade 3 and I had no other option than to let them perform a Tracheostomy which is a permanent hole in her trachea she will have this for the rest of her life, they said if I did not have the surgery I could PTS her or wake her up from the anaesthetic and wait for her to have a breathing/wheezing attack and that she could die from that. I could not let that happen she was not even 12 months old! At the moment she is coping well she is scheduled for more surgery at the end of the month as the hole is closing slightly, but she is amazing and has fought every step of the way and she has even done the Pug Run since the surgery which she could only manage for a few seconds before her surgery.

she has got great Puggy determination. At present Lola's vet bill has been around the 8,000 mark and likely to grow. We are not sure what the future holds for her but at the moment she is coping and she is happy and as long as she remains happy we will do all we can for her. I just wanted to see if you could highlight this to other Pug owners, so many Pug owners assume that the noisy breathing and wheezing is normal but its likely that their Pug has some issues and should be checked preferably by a Specialist Vet but so many Pugs are suffering when some just simply need Their soft palte shortening or their nares widening which sounds awful but rather that than let them carry on struggling and gasping for air.


Update - 22 March 2009


Lola has just had another surgery on her throat bt this time it was minor and she came home the same day. Currently she is doing well and should have her stitches out in 10 days, she is showing that true Pug spirit and taking everthing in her stride!


Update - 07 May 2009


Lola is doing well she had some more surgery a few weeks ago, she had a small operation on her tracheotomy site to remove some loose skin which was causing a slight problem with her breathing and she also was speyed and had her anal glands removed at the same time, it sounds a lot in one procedure but it just meant she would only have to cope with one anaesthetic, and I really trust my Vet.

I decided to spey her as I would certainly not breed other Pugs which would be likely to inherit Lola's problems and as for her anal glands she was getting them expressed every month causing her a lot of stress as they became quite uncomfortable so I decided to remove them once and for all.

Its been a few weeks now and Lola is doing very well, she recovered quickly from the surgery and she is very happy again she is acting like a puppy biting things, running around she is quite the playful little Pug she used to be, its great to see her happy and healthy! Again she is still doing the Pug run and showing all her Puggy spirit. I will keep you posted on her progress but for now she is doing very well :-)

Many Thanks


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